Custom Earplugs

Apart from being uncomfortable and tiring, high noise levels can permanently damage hearing or cause tinnitus. Research has shown that continuous exposure to loud noise, either at work or with recreation even for short periods of time can cause permanent damage to the small hair cells in the cochlea.


At Flex Hearing Clinic we  provide custom made hearing protection that could be used by anyone to safeguard their hearing. A special earpiece that cut out no more sound than was necessary to ensure the right amount of protection, constructed from a soft durable medical grade silicone.

By cutting harmful noise levels reaching their ears, custom ear plugs wearers can safely stay longer at work or play in noisy environments. From gigs to garages, factories to festivals, motorsport to manufacturing and concerts to construction, custom ear plugs combine comfort and protection. Contact us to save money on our specialist products and applications.

Microscopic image of healthy cochlear hair cells and damaged ones after exposure to noise


Preserve your hearing, make an appointment now and come and see us for:

  • Musicians Ear Plugs - enhances the music experience for musicians and audiences while protecting hearing
  • Swimming Ear Plugs – for grommets, perforations, general hygiene
  • Noise Reduction Ear Plugs – for all noise-related occupations and situations including airport staff, drivers, dentists and dental assistants, frequent travellers, sleeping
  • Recreational Ear Plugs – for iPad, iPod, mobile phones, GPS, music, games
  • Communication Ear Plugs – for police, security personnel, stage & entertainment, couriers etc
  • In-Ear Monitors - for listening to music, vocals, stage instruments, recording or singing they provide comfort and a high level of noise reduction from ambient surroundings. 

 Ordering your custom made earplugs

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